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Founded in 1976, TERA is a contract research and consulting firm based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

With offices around the world, TERA has been assisting numerous public agencies, bilateral and multilateral organizations as well as private sector and international clients for almost four decades in:

  • Infrastructure economics and planning studies;
  • Evaluations of the effectiveness and efficiency of government policies and programs;
  • Analyses of regulatory impacts;
  • Simulation and modeling of infrastructure systems;
  • Evaluations of existing infrastructure performance and identification of new infrastructure needs; and
  • Business planning and financial feasibility analyses.



TERA has been involved in over 150 rail sector development projects, from relatively short assignments such as pre-feasibility evaluations to in-depth technical and economic studies and construction supervision contracts of several years in duration. Our experience spans the globe, including assignments in over sixty countries. TERA’s project experience covers financial/economic feasibility analyses including technical, environmental, poverty, institutional considerations for freight and passenger railway development; rail car ferry service operations; light and heavy urban rail projects; computer simulation of freight and passenger traffic; locomotive workshop and other fixed facility evaluations; railway restructuring, commercialization, concessioning and privatization studies; and intermodal corridor transportation studies

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Ports & Waterways

TERA's project experience includes a wide spectrum of commodities ranging from liquid bulk (crude oil, petroleum products, LNG, liquid chemicals and edible oils) and dry bulk cargoes (coal, grains, fertilizers, and ores) to break-bulk, general, and containerized commodities. Projects from one month to two years in duration, covered short term very narrowly defined problems to very broad technical scope definitions involving continuous analyses of alternative development strategies within a regional or national setting. Services include marine systems simulation modeling, financial and technical feasibility analysis, rate and market hinterland assessment, economic and operational evaluation, strategic planning and public-private partnership considerations, coastal land use and planning, trade and traffic forecasting, and organization and management reviews.

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Highways & Urban Transportation

Freight and passenger transportation in urban areas, as well as along intercity transport corridors are our areas of expertise. The technical scope of TERA's services ranges from evaluation of urban transport improvements in Caracas, Venezuela to technical assistance in the implementation of a 2,600 kilometer national toll road program for Poland; from feasibility evaluation of a truck stop operation along the I-95 corridor in New Jersey to implementation of the Highway Development and Management Model (HDM-4) and professional staff training in Mongolia, Albania, and Malawi; from feasibility evaluation and design of 2X2 limited access highway in Azerbaijan to low-density rural roads in Laos and Tajikistan; from project management and construction supervision in Kyrgyzstan; to ITS applications in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou and BRT system design in Lanzhou, China.

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TERA's project experience in pipeline transportation covers network modeling and optimization for natural gas, crude oil, and petroleum product pipelines. TERA supported the U.S. Department of Energy's Project Independence Evaluation System (PIES) and Midrange Energy Forecasting System (MEFS) analyses by providing the national pipeline network algorithms and evaluating additional capacity needs to mitigate anticipated bottlenecks. TERA's regional and national pipeline network models such as GASNET, TERASIM and FNEM have been used by various federal agencies to analyze a wide variety of issues ranging from strategic petroleum reserve storage locations and disposition of Alaska North Slope oil to well head pricing of crude oil and natural gas, and location of deepwater ports and refineries.

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Airports & Civil Aviation

TERA provides a full range of planning, facility management, cost estimating, construction scheduling, economic analysis, and financial programming services to private and public sector clients in civil aviation. We address technical solutions, which blend both economic and technological elements, and provide a balanced inter-disciplinary approach in problem solving. We focus our services to several defined market segments, including airport facility planning, aviation support facilities, economic development studies, construction cost estimating, project scheduling, and structural evaluation services. TERA's project experience also includes assessment of needs for new air navigation aids and traffic control equipment and facilities.

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Int'l Finance & Business Development

We assist our clients in conducting business development studies and securing financing for specific projects. This assistance covers a wide spectrum of business sectors ranging from frozen french fries processing facilities to aluminum and steel manufacturing plants; from truck stop operations to tourism development projects; from hospital construction projects to manufacturing, information technology, and telecommunications facilities. We also assist project lenders and equity investors with due diligence and validation assessments. Under contract to U.S. Trade and Development Agency, TERA prepared project summaries, reference documents, and briefing books and organized more than 15 international conferences. TERA also organized numerous business briefings and conducted Orientation Visits and Reverse Trade Missions for foreign decision makers to the United States.

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