About TERA

TERA provides services in support of client needs and requirements in numerous infrastructure projects around the world, including all modes of transportation, information technology, energy and power, tourism, and industrial sectors. The basis of TERA's expertise is its thorough familiarity with and understanding of the importance of efficient infrastructure in providing mobility for people, goods, and information to attain sustainable development, as well as achieve efficiency and profitability.

For four decades, TERA assisted numerous public agencies, private sector companies, and international clients in:

Clients consider TERA's work fully responsive to their needs and requirements. This recognition evinces our commitment to quality and is an indication of both, the ability of TERA's professional staff and the scope of TERA's experience. TERA professionals are often invited to present results of their investigations before meetings of professional associations and other symposia. TERA is called upon to present expert testimony before regulatory agencies and state and local government institutions.

TERA's professional staff is comprised of highly trained individuals whose multi-disciplinary skills range from econometrics to planning and policy evaluation, and from operations research to data analysis and validation. This unique mix of skills at the management and research levels has provided TERA's clients with highly qualified project teams experienced in all facets of infrastructure research and analysis.

In all of its work, TERA stands for certain qualities and ideals, including: